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Otskhanuri Sapere-Saperavi 2022

Red dry Qvevri wine Otskhanuri Sapere-Saperavi is made in Imereti, 50% of Otskhanuri Sapere grown in the Sviri microzone and 50% of specially selected Saferavi grape varieties in Kvareli. The wine is made by the traditional Kakhuri method of fermentation and aging in a qvevri, which is why it has a more pronounced body and a darker color. Color - dark brown. The aroma is strongly expressed by  red berries and tones of ripe red fruits. We can feel soft tones of berries on the palate. Kvevri Otskhanuri Sapere-Saperavi is recommended to be served with roast turkey, steak and cheese. Vintage year 2022. Alcohol 12.9%. Consumption temperature 17-20°C.

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