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Imereti is the second largest wine producing region in Georgia. Its favorable climate for vine growing is predisposed by the Black Sea bordering the region from west and Caucasian Mountains surrounding the region from north and south. 70% of Imereti is mountainous that creates extremely favorable climate for rich and unique terroir. The region counts approximately 100 aboriginal varieties of vine from which the highest quality wines, both red and white, are produced. Traditional Imeretian technology of winemaking is different from that of well- known Kakhetian one. Yet, in Imereti the wine has been kept in Qvevris just like Kakheti and called Churis (the old-Georgian name of Qvevri is Churi that has been maintained by Imeretians as a name for big clay jars). But apart from Kakhetian winemaking Imeretian one considers adding small amounts of pomace to the grape juice in the process of fermentation.

Georgian cuisine has established its meaningful and unique place on the world culinary map. Among Georgian food Imeretian cuisine with it rich and exquisit offerings tops the list of Georgia’s regions. As a matter of fact, Imeretians are gourmands and pretty picky when it goes for food and wine. Therefore, they have always making diverse and unique wines each with its own story to tell. Nothing matches Imeretian “supra” (Georgian traditional feast) as much as Imeretian light wine cooled appropriately to serve.

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