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Sparlking Tsitska 2022, a sparkling wine crafted from the renowned Tsitska grapes grown in Imereti's Svir microzone. Reflecting the unique terroir of the region, this this wine captures the essence of the 2022 vintage. With a moderate 11% alcohol content, it offers a light and refreshing drinking experience. In the glass, Sparkling Tsitska 2022 shines with a pale yellow hue, tinged with a subtle greenish tint, hinting at its vibrant character. The aromas are of light intensity, featuring delightful notes of lemon, green apple, lime. On the palate, Sparkling Tsitska 2022 is elegantly balanced, with light acidity and a fruity finish that lingers pleasantly. As a primer type wine, it is best enjoyed young and does not require aging in the bottle. Pair Sparkling Tsitska 2022 with grilled shrimp with lemon sauce, Greek salad, or sushi to enhance its flavors. Consumption temperature is 6-11°C.

Sparkling Tsitska 2022

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