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We are a winery focusing on exquisite Western Georgian, in particular Imeretian wines. These Wines have always been unique for their special crispness and flavor, but were more like hidden gems when it goes to Georgian wines due to the scarce production mainly limited to household winemaking. Over centuries, Imeretian population has been making wine in Churies – the western equivalent of already well-known Qvevries – giving an extra, special character to wines that are lighter, fresher, yet rich in flavor compared with other Georgian wines due to the unique, oldest vine varieties harvested exclusively in Imereti. We decided to introduce back this wonderful winemaking tradition, revitalize the oldest vine varieties and bring the Imeretian exquisite wines under the spotlight of wine lovers and the wine map at large.

Our wines represent a blend of Georgia’s 8000-year winemaking tradition and modern technology. Located in beautiful Imereti Region our vineyards are to harvest the best ever-possible grapes for winemaking in Georgia. Our vintners transform selected grape varieties into the outstanding wines resurrecting the culture and history of Imereti region. Tradition and excellence are the core of our philosophy.

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